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RODEO READY is designed to address systemic inflammation to support quick recovery and optimal performance at any level. RODEO READY offers support for ulcers, allergies, joint inflammation, hormones, and other symptoms of chronic inflammation to keep horses at their best on the road. The proprietary blend of human grade herbs facilitates rapid mane and tail growth, hoof health, and is formulated to execute with excellence what is advertised, at an affordable price.

We keep margins and pricing as low as we can to make sure performance horses, practice horses, and hobby horses are all taken care of to a high standard. One bag is a 30 day supply of our all-in-one daily supplement.

: 1 full scoop daily for basic maintenance on top of feed/grain. 2 full scoops daily on top of feed/grain for first month or two as ulcer 

Ingredients: Dimethyl sulfone (MSM), Althaea, Lysine, Withania somnifera, Ulmus Rubra, Medicago sativa, Arthrospira platensis, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Lycium barbarum, Silybum marianum. (Do not feed to cattle, contains Silybum marianum).

*Patent Pending

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